Ang Lee’s First 360° Live-Streaming Speech

CW Summit and MasterTalks Live-Streams Ang Lee’s Keynote Speech in 360° with StraaS Video Cloud.

Multi-Academy-Award-winning Director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Life of Pi) to deliver visionary Keynote speech with T.H. Tung, a Taiwanese businessman and a co-founder of Asus, on Saturday 1 October at the CW summit in Taipei.


The Innovation Board at CW is continually looking for ways to leverage the newest technologies to enhance their audience. They developed the the idea to produce and live-streaming a 360-degree video content, creating an unique experience for viewers unable to attend the event, and significantly extend the audience reach for their audience worldwide.


With the StraaS Video Cloud technology and production team, CW Summit is able to live-stream 360-degree content to both mobile and web players.


Kimmy Chen, Chief Strategy Officer of, said: ”Our vision is to provide world-class video streaming technology to SMEs. As an official Google certified service on Google Cloud Platform, StraaS is both highly scalable and cost-efficient, providing SMEs with an immediate access to market-proven video capabilities.”
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